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Sleep Apnea

Help for Sleep Apnea in 33326

Is sleep apnea keeping you from getting the restful, restorative sleep you need? If you’re sleeping eight hours or more each night and you still feel tired, you may be experiencing what sleep apnea sufferers know well – lack of quality sleep. When you have sleep apnea in 33326, you may be waking repeatedly throughout the night, without even knowing it. A lack of quality, restful sleep can impact your mood, health, and overall quality of life in Weston, Davie, and Sunrise. Let’s take a look at what you can do to find help for sleep apnea in 33326 at Dr. Maria Yazji Orthodontics.

What is sleep apnea?

Sleep apnea, or obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), is the brief cessation of breathing that occurs when sleeping. Sleep apnea sufferers stop breathing – often many times – throughout the night. When breathing is impeded due to sleep apnea in 33326, the OSA sufferer will wake up gasping for breath, and usually fall right back to sleep. But the apnea recurs throughout the night, every night, and sleep quality is greatly affected.

What causes sleep apnea?

Obstructive sleep apnea occurs when you lie flat and this position causes the soft tissue in your throat to block your airway. Some lifestyle factors, such as drinking alcohol and using certain prescription medications, may make sleep apnea worse.

What are the symptoms of sleep apnea?

Many patients have no recollection of waking in the night and are unaware that their poor sleep is being caused by obstructive sleep apnea in 33326. People who have sleep apnea may exhibit signs of obstructive sleep apnea such as loud snoring, high blood pressure, and weight gain, and they may report symptoms such as depression, mood disorders, and daytime tiredness, in addition to other signs and symptoms.

How do I know if I have sleep apnea?

If you are experiencing signs and symptoms of sleep apnea in 33326, your doctor can order tests to determine whether obstructive sleep apnea is the cause of your poor sleep quality. If you are diagnosed with sleep apnea, you’ll then explore options to treat sleep apnea in 33326.

A CPAP machine is often recommended to treat sleep apnea. But many patients in South Florida find this machine to be uncomfortable and noisy and are less likely to comply with CPAP treatment for sleep apnea. But there is another option besides CPAP treatment for sleep apnea in 33326: OAT treatment for obstructive sleep apnea at the Weston office of Dr. Maria Yazji Orthodontics.

OAT treatment uses a custom-made device that you wear in your mouth overnight to keep your airway open while supine. Patients with obstructive sleep apnea in Weston, Davie, and Sunrise can treat their sleep apnea with an OAT device from the best orthodontist in 33326, Dr. Maria Yazji, DDS. The comfortable oral appliance therapy device from Dr. Maria Yazji Orthodontics in Weston lets you sleep without a CPAP mask and machine, and allows you to get a better night’s sleep, every night, in 33326.

Find the best way to treat sleep apnea in 33326 when you make an appointment for an OAT Therapy consultation with Dr. Yazji. If sleep apnea is keeping you from getting the sleep you need in Weston, get help for your sleep apnea in 33326 with OAT therapy from Dr. Maria Yazji Orthodontics.

Invisalign Alan-6

Looking for an Invisalign Orthodontist in 33331?

During the holidays in South Florida, you’ll see metallic ornaments on trees, shiny ribbons on presents, and plenty of silver tinsel. But one place you may not want to go for a heavy metallic look is in your mouth. Traditional silver braces are effective in straightening teeth, but there’s another way you can get a great, straight smile this year in Weston, Davie, and Southwest Ranches: Invisalign braces from the best Invisalign orthodontist in 33331, Dr. Maria Yazji, DDS.

If you are looking for the best way to get straight teeth in 33331, consider Invisalign aligners. And if you are looking for the best Invisalign orthodontist in 33331, come to the Weston office of Dr. Maria Yazji Orthodontics.

Looking for an Invisalign Orthodontist in 33331?

Invisalign Braces

Invisalign treatment from Dr. Maria Yazji Orthodontics lets you get the smile you want without the look of metal braces. Clear, smooth plastic aligners are used to reposition your teeth instead of the brackets, wires, and elastics of traditional silver braces. Invisalign braces are barely noticeable – your smile will still look natural as your teeth straighten, the gaps in your smile close, and issues with your bite are resolved.

What are some benefits of Invisalign braces?

Invisalign braces in 33331 from Dr. Maria Yazji Orthodontics are:

  • Clear – You won’t have a mouth full of metal as an Invisalign patient of Dr. Yazji in Weston, Davie, and Southwest Ranches. Students, professionals, and those in the public eye have used Invisalign aligners for discreet orthodontic treatment.
  • Comfortable – These aligners are molded to fit your mouth and help you reach your ideal tooth and bite alignment. Since Invisalign aligners are made of smooth plastic, they won’t protrude or snag against your cheeks and lips the way traditional braces sometimes do.
  • Removeable – As an Invisalign patient of Dr. Maria Yazji, the best Invisalign orthodontist in Weston, Davie, and Southwest Ranches, you can expect to wear your aligners for at least 22 out of 24 hours each day. But Invisalign braces can be removed for short periods of time, like when you eat, brush your teeth, visit your dentist for a cleaning, and other appropriate times during your Invisalign treatment in 33331. These aligners make it easy to keep your teeth clean and healthy, eat your favorite foods, and more while on your way to a straight smile.

How do I know if Invisalign is right for me?

As an experienced and dedicated Invisalign orthodontist, Dr. Yazji will assess your orthodontic needs and determine if Invisalign is the best orthodontic treatment option for you. In addition to Invisalign treatment, Dr. Maria Yazji Orthodontics offers other excellent services to patients in 33331, including Insignia Advanced Smile Design braces, Incognito Lingual braces, Traditional Silver & Ceramic braces, and more. Contact our Weston office today to schedule an Invisalign consultation with the best Invisalign orthodontist in 33331, Dr. Maria Yazji, DDS.

Professional Executives Embrace Invisalign Braces in Pembroke Pines, Florida

Look Great in 2019 with Invisalign Braces in 33327

Do you want straight teeth in Weston, but don’t want to spend years in silver braces? You may be a perfect candidate for Invisalign at the Weston office of Dr. Maria Yazji orthodontics. You can get straight, aesthetically pleasing, and functionally balanced teeth with clear Invisalign braces. The best Invisalign orthodontist in 33327 – Dr. Maria Yazji, DDS – can help you get an improved smile through the use of these comfortable, lightweight aligners.

As the best Invisalign orthodontist in Weston, Dr. Yazji will take your specific orthodontic needs and individual facial structure into account to create an Invisalign treatment plan for you. As an Invisalign braces patient in 33327, you will receive several sets of aligners. Each set of aligners is designed to gradually move your teeth into their ideal positioning. You’ll wear the first set of aligners for several weeks, then – after your orthodontist evaluates your smile’s progress – you’ll move on to the next set of aligners.

When you get Invisalign braces in 33327 from the best Invisalign dentist in Weston, you’ll be able to:

  • Get straight teeth without the look of silver braces – Everyone wants a great smile, but not everyone wants the dental procedures it can take to get one. With Invisalign, you won’t have to worry about wearing metal braces – comfortable aligners made to fit your mouth are all you’ll need for a beautiful smile. You can wear Invisalign to school, work, and events in Weston and keep a natural-looking smile throughout the duration of your orthodontic treatment in 33327.
  • Easily maintain good dental hygiene – The brackets and wires of traditional braces can sometimes make it difficult to keep your teeth completely clean. Flossing can become more complicated. Some of your favorite foods may be off-limits. But when you get Invisalign treatment from Dr. Maria Yazji Orthodontics in Weston, you’ll have the orthodontic treatment you can remove when needed. Invisalign aligners can be taken out when you eat, and when you brush and floss your teeth. You can eat meals and clean your teeth comfortably, then put your aligners back in for the rest of the day.
  • Fit orthodontic treatment into your schedule – Work, school, activities, and family schedules keep patients in Weston busy every day of the week. But professionals, working parents, students, and other busy patients in South Florida can schedule convenient appointments, including evenings and Saturdays, at the Weston office of Dr. Maria Yazji orthodontics. As an Invisalign patient of Dr. Maria Yazji, the best Invisalign orthodontist in Weston, you may even be able to have remote appointments using the Dental Monitoring app and your smartphone.
Look Great in 2019 with Invisalign Braces in 33327

Invisalign Clear Braces

When it comes to your smile, don’t settle for less than the best. Dr. Yazji has the advanced training and experience needed to provide the best Invisalign braces in Weston and throughout South Florida. Take a look at our smile gallery to see how Invisalign has helped our patients improve their smiles. Contact our Weston office to schedule an appointment to get the best Invisalign treatment in 33327 at Dr. Maria Yazji Orthodontics.

Best Orthodontist in 33327

Best Orthodontist in 33327

Are you looking for a way to get a straight smile in South Florida? If you have crooked, crowded teeth, issues with bite alignment, gaps in your smile, or other common orthodontic problems, don’t put off fixing your teeth another year. Now can be the time you get started on getting your best smile when you come to the best orthodontist in 33327 at Dr. Maria Yazji Orthodontics.

Patients of all ages in Weston, and throughout Miami and Ft. Lauderdale, can get beautiful, straight smiles at the offices of Dr. Maria Yazji. At our South Florida offices, we use the latest dental technology and proven treatment methods to treat all types of orthodontic issues. Some of the services we offer our patients in 33327 include:

  • Invisalign — Come to the best Invisalign orthodontist in 33327 for your Invisalign treatment. These clear, thin plastic aligners are used to safely and effectively straighten teeth and close excessive spaces between teeth. You can get the smile you’ve always wanted without the look of braces when you correct your smile with Invisalign aligners from Dr. Maria Yazji orthodontics in Weston.
  • Incognito Lingual Braces – As the best orthodontic office in Weston, Dr. Maria Yazji orthodontics can help you find the treatment option that’s right for you. If traditional brackets and wires would best straighten your teeth, but you don’t want to look like you’re wearing braces, Incognito lingual braces may be a good fit for you. These braces work like traditional braces, but they’re worn on the backside of your teeth, so they’ll only be visible to you and your orthodontist in Weston.
  • Insignia Advanced Smile Design – This advanced orthodontic technology allows your orthodontist in 33327 at Dr. Maria Yazji Orthodontics to create customized braces for your unique smile. Insignia Advanced Smile Design patients in Weston may have shorter treatment times and require fewer office visits with these custom-fit braces.
  • WildSmiles Braces for Kids – Braces don’t have to be boring. School-age patients in Weston can help create their braces with these braces at the best orthodontic office in Weston. Patients can choose fun-shaped brackets and colorful elastics to express their interests while getting a great smile.

Traditional silver and ceramic braces, Zoom! Customized athletic mouthguards and other services for 33327 patients are available at our Weston office. Let Dr. Maria Yazji Orthodontics help you get a straight smile and then keep it looking great in South Florida.

Contact us today to set up an appointment for the best Invisalign treatment, Incognito and Insignia braces, and more in 33327. Our team will help you make your first appointment and answer payment and insurance questions. Find out which treatment option will get you your best smile in South Florida when you come to the Weston office of Dr. Maria Yazji Orthodontics. Get the beautiful smile you want in Weston from the best orthodontist in 33327 – Dr. Maria Yazji, DDS.

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Important Update to Our Patients About Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Dear Valued Patient,

Important Update to Our Patients About Coronavirus (Covid-19) – Due to the current COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and in compliance with the executive order by Governor Ron DeSantis, we are directed to immediately cease performing elective services until May 8th, 2020. Important Update to Our Patients About Coronavirus (Covid-19).

We will be taking phone calls and replying to emails to assist you. Clinically, we will make ourselves available to our patients on an emergency basis for urgent matters involving severe pain. We will utilize photos taken by you, which can be emailed to to decide the level of care necessary.

We have prepared some videos to help you understand what constitutes an orthodontic emergency and what you can do at home to feel comfortable. You may click on the links below to watch them:

What Constitutes An Orthodontic Emergency?

What If I Have A Poking Wire?

What If A Bracket Comes Loose?

You can learn how to take pictures in this Video Tutorial for your virtual consultation.

Our phone assistance hours are from Monday – Friday 9AM – 4PM. Our doors will be locked at all times and “walk-ins” will not be seen. We will also continue to offer VIRTUAL CONSULTS for prospective new patients.

Here are the three options for appointments:

1) VIRTUAL APPOINTMENTS: for current patients. You will take a few pictures and send them to us via email.

2) VIRTUAL CONSULTS: for new patients. We can help you determine if you are a good candidate for orthodontic treatment. Simply follow the instructions on this link to complete your Virtual Smile Consult. Dr. Maria Yazji will review the information and we will contact you to provide you with a preliminary diagnosis, treatment alternatives, approximate cost, and length of treatment.

3) EMERGENCIES: call our office during our temporary business hours Monday – Friday 9AM – 4PM. We may request photos to assess the problem. If absolutely necessary, an orthodontic assistant and/or Dr. Maria Yazji will meet you at one of our offices to help make you comfortable.

We look forward to connecting with you, even if it does mean virtually for the time being, and we are SO excited for the day we can re-open our doors to you and your families.

Together we will get through this difficult time.

Get Customized Braces for Your Unique Smile in Pembroke Pines

No two smiles are alike. While you and your siblings may all have the same hair color, or you may have the same eye color as your Abuela, no one has the exact same smile, or dental anatomy, that you do. Genetics, environment, lifestyle, oral care practices, and other factors influence both the initial development of your bite and the health of your teeth throughout your life. Each person has a unique mouth, unique orthodontic needs, and should receive individualized orthodontic treatment. Learn more about Orthodontic Treatment in Miami!

Orthodontic Treatment in Miami

If you need braces to correct crooked teeth, crowded teeth, bite issues, or other common orthodontic problems in Pembroke Pines, you can get customized Insignia Advanced Smile Design braces from Dr. Maria Yazji Orthodontics. What is Insignia Advanced Smile Design? This orthodontic technology is used to create braces that are tailor-made for each patient, and take the patient’s unique teeth and surrounding facial features into consideration. Unlike traditional braces, Insignia braces are not generic.

How are Insignia Braces used to straighten teeth? Digital impressions of a patient’s teeth are taken at the South Florida offices of Dr. Maria Yazji Orthodontics, and then Insignia software is used by Dr. Yazji to create a 3D model of the patient’s mouth. The dental information is then used to create customized brackets and wires for the patient’s Insignia braces. Insignia braces are placed precisely to ensure the best possible treatment outcome.

Ceramic Braces

When you have customized Insignia braces from Dr. Maria Yazji Orthodontics, you may be able to spend less time in braces. Though patients find Insignia braces to be more comfortable and better-looking than traditional braces, the best part about wearing braces is completing your treatment, getting your braces taken off, and showing off your great new smile. Insignia patients typically have shorter treatment times than patients with traditional silver and ceramic braces and may require fewer office visits too. Insignia braces from the offices of Dr. Yazji may be a good option for your busy schedule in Pembroke Pines.

Insignia braces may be a good orthodontic treatment option for teens, young adults, and older adult patients in South Florida. Comfortable, customized braces can work for everyone’s orthodontic needs. However, if another orthodontic treatment option is best for your unique smile, we offer a variety of services to our patients.

At Dr. Maria Yazji Orthodontics, we use advanced orthodontic technology to help patients of all ages in Pembroke Pines and throughout South Florida get their best smiles. At your first appointment, Dr. Yazji will determine if Insignia Advanced Smile Design braces are right for you. Contact us at our Miami, Brickell, or Weston offices to schedule an appointment. Insignia Advanced Smile Design can get you a straight smile in Pembroke Pines!

How Insignia Advanced Smile Design Technology Creates Braces Just for You

Seventh-grade twins in Cooper City are going to their first orthodontic appointment. Their mom wants to find the best treatment option for them. They both have crooked bottom teeth, but the girl has a gap between her front teeth and the boy has a more pronounced overbite. The mom has noticed plenty of differences in her fraternal twins’ personalities, but now it looks like their orthodontic treatment won’t be identical either. Learn more about Insignia Advanced Smile Design!

Insignia Advanced Smile Design

On the way to their appointment, the boy says he’s worried that the braces will be uncomfortable, and make it hard to eat his favorite foods. He plays football and wears a mouth guard – what if the braces get in the way? The girl says plenty of her friends have braces, they say it’s not so bad, but she’s in the theater program at her school and she loves to perform on stage – what if braces make her smile look weird, she worries out loud. The mom tells them not to worry, she heard about an excellent orthodontist in South Florida who will be able to answer all of their questions about getting and wearing braces. Insignia Advanced Smile Design Technology Creates Braces.

At the appointment, the orthodontist discusses available orthodontic treatment options with the twins and their mom. There are a lot of options for getting a straight smile, but one that she thinks will be a good fit for both the boy and the girl is the customized Insignia Advanced Smile Design treatment. Their braces will be made from high-tech dental software – 3D dental models are used to create customized brackets and wires that are precisely placed to achieve the best results. Insignia braces are created to treat each orthodontic patient specifically since everyone has a unique bite and smile.

Insignia Advanced Smile Design Technology Creates Braces

Insignia Advanced Smile Design Technology Creates Braces

Insignia Advanced Smile Design

At the offices of Dr. Maria Yazji Orthodontics, customized braces can be created for the orthodontic needs of you or your teen in South Florida. Braces that are made to fit a patient’s unique bite and dental anatomy can result in a more comfortable braces-wearing experience, and treatment can be completed in less time too – most patients have 25-40% shorter treatment times than patients with traditional braces. Clear Insignia braces are also available at Dr. Maria Yazji Orthodontics, for greater visual appeal.

If you are looking for a way to straighten crowded teeth, close gaps in your smile, or correct bite issues in Cooper City, come to the Weston, Miami, or Brickell offices of Dr. Maria Yazji Orthodontics. Take a virtual office tour, and then call the office location of your choice. Our friendly and helpful staff will help you schedule an appointment for a treatment consultation, and discuss payment and insurance options with you. Get braces that are made just for you when you get Insignia Advanced Smile Design braces from Dr. Maria Yazji Orthodontics.

Early Orthodontic Treatment is Something to Smile About in Hialeah, Florida

Early Orthodontic Treatment is Something to Smile About in Hialeah, Florida

As a parent, there is nothing more wonderful than seeing your child’s smile.  The sight of their toothless grin as a baby, or that first pearly white popping through, never gets old.  When they lose that first baby tooth, it’s a special milestone and a memory often preserved in family photo albums. As your child’s permanent teeth begin to emerge, generally around the age of 6, their snaggletooth smiles can be quite adorable.  It is at this time, or sooner, that The American Association of Orthodontists recommends children get their first check-up with an orthodontist, particularly if you suspect a problem with your child’s teeth. Visiting an orthodontist, no later than age 7, allows for optimal treatment options should the orthodontist discover that a problem exists, or that one is developing.

In most cases, while a child still has their baby teeth, orthodontists will choose to delay treatment while they monitor the growth and development patterns for a period of time. Sometimes, custom appliances are made for young children to expand the palate, correct improper tongue thrusting, or stop thumb or finger sucking habits.  After most of the permanent teeth have emerged, braces can be designed if needed, for better tooth and jaw alignment. In many cases, preventive or early interceptive orthodontic treatment is all that a child will need to ensure that their permanent teeth grow in properly – which is why children should visit an orthodontist by age 7.

Early orthodontic treatment generally involves a two-phase approach.  Phase 1 involves the examination and monitoring of your child’s dental development and creating a comprehensive record that can be used to map out a customized orthodontic treatment plan for your child. Phase 2 of treatment begins when all your child’s permanent teeth have erupted and usually includes full upper and lower braces on all teeth for an average of 24 months to ensure that every tooth is perfectly positioned in the mouth to achieve proper functioning and aesthetics.

At the offices of Dr. Maria Yazji Orthodontics near Hialeah, Florida, your child will be greeted by a warm and inviting team of professionals dedicated to providing the best orthodontic care in South Florida. Dr.Maria Yazji, who is experienced and trained in the latest techniques and the most up-to-date orthodontic practices, is a favorite choice for families in Hialeah, Florida as is Dr. Francisco M. Herrero who also enjoys creating beautiful smiles for patients of every age.  From the moment you and your child enter this fun and friendly orthodontist office, you will feel the difference.


If you would like to schedule an evaluation for your child and learn more about early orthodontic treatment options near Hialeah, please visit our website or call us to make an appointment at (786) 558-5688.


Dr. Maria Yazji Orthodontics is Creating Big Smiles in Miami Springs, Florida!

Being insecure about your smile can hold you back in your day-to-day life. Horror stories of long and painful procedures can make a trip to the dentist seem like a daunting task. However, there is an easy solution to get a beautiful smile without having all of the problems of traditional braces, and it’s closer to home than you thought. Dr. Maria Yazji Orthodontics in Miami Springs, Florida now offers Insignia Advanced Smile Design braces. These braces prove that a solution to your insecurities can be quick and easy.

Insignia braces are completely customized and unique to each person’s dental anatomy, regardless of their age. First, a detailed model of your teeth is taken to completely understand your needs. Then, by using interactive 3-D technology, you and your orthodontist at Dr. Yazji Orthodontics will plan the procedure with every detail in mind.

Because there are multiple orthodontic options and treatment plans available, you will have the freedom to choose what truly works best for you. By using such careful planning, you will be able to see what your smile will look like before you even begin the procedure! Each bracket will be carefully designed to fit each individual tooth, ensuring that the process is as painless and as comfortable as possible. Insignia Advanced Smile Design Braces.

Insignia Advanced Smile Design Braces

Invisalign Braces

The Insignia Advanced Smile Design keeps you feeling your absolute best throughout the entire process! Because of the customization of this procedure, Insignia offers better and faster results than traditional braces. You should experience life without anything holding you back. In Miami Springs, what’s not to love? You deserve the confidence to smile every day without any worries. Insignia Advanced Smile Design can give you that confidence. There is no need for lengthy appointments for adjustments and you no longer need to worry whether or not your results will be what you want. Insignia Advanced Smile Design has you in mind from start to finish. No smile is the same and Insignia braces are tailored to each person’s specific wants and needs!

Dr. Maria Yazji has over fifteen years of specialized training in orthodontics. Her care and precision with each smile have given many people in South Florida the results they had longed for. At the offices of Dr. Maria Yazji Orthodontics, you will finally be able to get the results you want and the comfort, speed, and freedom you were hoping for.

If you are in the Miami Springs area and you’re ready to smile again, Insignia Advanced Smile Design by Dr. Maria Yazji Orthodontics may be just what you have been searching for! If you have questions or if you think that Insignia Advanced Smile Design could be the perfect fit for you, please call Dr. Maria Yazji Orthodontics today! Everyone deserves a smile that they are confident about. Nothing can hold you back when you have a smile you love! Call us today or visit our website for more information.

Early Orthodontic Treatment

Does Your Child Need Early Orthodontic Treatment in Coral Springs?

If you wore braces, do you remember how old you were when you got them? While many people get braces as preteens, teens, and even as adults, there are significant benefits to early orthodontic treatment. Treating tooth and bite problems early can help your child get a better-looking smile and more functional teeth sooner rather than later in Coral Springs. Learn more about Orthodontic Treatment in Coral Springs!

Orthodontic Treatment in Coral Springs

As soon as you notice anything that looks like it can be a problem for your child’s jaw and dental development, you should schedule an evaluation with an orthodontist, according to the American Association of Orthodontics. By having your child’s teeth and bite evaluated once they have some of their permanent teeth – namely their first permanent molars and incisors – your orthodontist can determine the type of orthodontic treatment your son or daughter will eventually need.

Early orthodontic treatment at the offices of Dr. Maria Yazji Orthodontics occurs in 2 phases. During the first phase:

  • Dental models are created
  • X-rays are taken
  • Photos are taken

Before your child has all of their permanent teeth. By creating this thorough dental record, Dr. Yazji and her team are able to create the best conditions for proper jaw development, bite correction, and other orthodontic treatment. During the second phase of early orthodontic treatment, after your child has all of their permanent teeth:

  • A customized treatment plan is developed
  • Full braces are placed on your child’s teeth

After about two years in braces, your child’s teeth will have reached ideal placement. Your child will be given a customized retainer and come in for periodic recall visits.

Dr. Maria Yazji Orthodontics

Misaligned teeth and bite issues can cause problems with biting, chewing, and speaking. Dental and jaw issues can cause pain in the head and neck, headaches, and make things unpleasant for patients of all ages in Coral Springs. And crooked teeth or gaps in a smile can decrease the self-confidence of children, teens, and adults. At Dr. Maria Yazji Orthodontics, we help young patients get set up for a lifetime of healthy, confident smiles. We also help South Florida patients of all ages improve their smiles through treatment options like:

  • WildSmiles Braces for Kids
  • Invisalign and Invisalign for Teens
  • Incognito Lingual Braces
  • Insignia Advanced Smile Design
  • Traditional Silver & Ceramic Braces

And more. We have treatment options to fit every need at our Weston, Miami, and Brickell offices.

Let us help you get a head start on your child’s orthodontic treatment in Coral Springs. To ask about the price of treatment and insurance options at our offices, or to schedule an appointment for an early treatment evaluation or another service, contact us today. Find out if it’s the right time for your child’s orthodontic treatment at Dr. Maria Yazji Orthodontics.

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