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Aventura is Wild with Smiles!

Aventura’s Most Trusted Orthodontist – The time has come to move forward with braces for your child.  Where do you turn in the Aventura area for expert care?  Aventura’s leading orthodontist, Dr. Maria Yazji Orthodontics, is rated first-class and her patients’ comfort and satisfaction are their highest priority!  Dr. Maria Yazji believes that a healthy smile is a gift every child deserves! Now that you know where to turn, it’s time to get your pre-teen or teenager onboard!  Who says braces can’t be fun?  WildSmiles are the fun alternative to traditional braces and certainly an option your teen will embrace.

Aventura’s foremost family orthodontist brings Designer Braces to their patients as a way to be unique during their orthodontic experience.  Patients wearing WildSmiles have enjoyed expressing their personality by personally designing their smile – it’s actually an entertaining and creative experience!  Parents have been delighted with the innovative approach that delivers quality results by Aventura’s Most Trusted Orthodontist.

Aventura’s 5-Star Rated Orthodontist

Adolescence can certainly be a challenging and perplexing journey. Appearances are extremely important at this age, and your teen may be anxious and apprehensive at the thought of living with a “tin grin” or “metal mouth”.  Aventura’s 5-Star Rated Orthodontist, Dr. Maria Yazji Orthodontics, strives to make your teen’s orthodontic treatment as relaxed and stress-free as possible, and WildSmiles are a fun way your child can feel good about having their teeth straightened.

Aventura’s Most Trusted Orthodontist

Wild with Smiles

WildSmiles’ innovative approach, in comparison to the days of traditional metal braces, helps your teen engage with the process!  Your teen doesn’t have to live with plain old metal braces just to have straighter teeth. It‘s simple and “wild”! Once Dr. Yazji agrees that WildSmiles are a good choice for your child, we’ll show him or her how to design their own customized braces. The secret is their unique shape. WildSmiles come in a variety of fun shapes that let your child’s true personality show through. WildSmiles has an interactive online design store, and we’ll help your child create their very own unique, personalized look. With WildSmiles, Aventura’s Patient-Friendly Orthodontist can create customized braces in the shape of flowers, stars, or even soccer balls! WildSmiles’ brackets help you create a look that shows off your child’s personality and lets their true, fun personality show through!

We invite you to call today to schedule an evaluation of your child’s orthodontic needs at (786) 220-7802 or visit our website. At Dr. Maria Yazji Orthodontics, we’ll map out a plan of care for your teen’s dental needs as well as discuss insurance and financing options. Help your teen take the next step to a newfound confidence and a life-long beautiful smile! We look forward to meeting your family!

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