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Why Do Teeth Become Discolored?

Teeth Whitening Miami FL

Tooth discoloration happens slowly over time. It can go unnoticed for years and then one day you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and notice how dark your smile has become.

If you’ve noticed this recently, you’re probably wondering how you can restore your smile and make it bright again. The shelves on the drugstores are loaded with teeth whitening products, but the truth is that you’ll get the best results from professional teeth whitening. Brickell, FL dentist Dr. Maria Yazji recognizes the importance of an attractive smile and can help you get your smile back quickly and comfortably.

Typically, three factors contribute the most to smile discoloration:


1. Foods and beverages

This is the most common cause of staining. After all, we all need to eat!

Dark-colored foods and beverages have a tendency to stain teeth. Some of the worst offenders are:

  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Red wine
  • Dark fruit juices
  • Curry
  • Chocolate
  • Richly colored berries
  • Tomatoes
  • Colas and other dark sodas

Foods that are highly acidic, such as tomatoes or sodas, can pack an extra punch. The acidity weakens the enamel, making it easy for the pigmentation to penetrate.


2. Smoking and other tobacco use

You already know that smoking isn’t good for your health. It also isn’t good for the appearance of your teeth.

It’s easy to identify the stains left by tobacco. They are usually dark yellow to brown in color and can be difficult to remove. Smoking also tends to cause bad breath and can contribute to gum disease, oral cancer, and other serious oral health problems.


3. The aging process

Just like so many other issues, we can often blame tooth discoloration on aging.

As time passes, your teeth will get a lot of use. Acidic foods, over-enthusiastic brushing, and chewing will wear down your enamel. As this happens, the yellowish layer, called dentin, will begin to show through, causing your teeth to appear darker. The weakening of the enamel also makes it easier for stains to penetrate and become lodged.


Here’s the good news.

Tooth discoloration doesn’t have to be permanent. Many types of staining and discoloration can be addressed with professional teeth whitening. At our practice, we offer Zoom! teeth whitening. You have the option of getting your teeth whitened here in our office or using a customized take-home kit. Either way, you’ll get great results!

To schedule a consultation and find out if teeth whitening is a good choice for you, call our office. We have locations in Weston, Brickell, and Miami for your convenience.