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Best Invisalign Provider: Coral springs residents- your perfect smile is waiting for you! Here at Yazji Orthodontics, we understand how frustrating a crooked smile can bring to your everyday life, and we’re here to provide you with solutions that fit your budget and lifestyle.

Invisalign braces are a great option for people who want to correct their teeth but don’t want the world to know they’re doing so. Unlike traditional braces, which use wires and brackets, Invisalign uses clear plastic fillers. These aligners can be easily taken out of the mouth, are comfortable, and provide an inconspicuous way to straighten teeth.

Patients can expect to receive attentive care and a customized Invisalign treatment plan at Dr. Yazji Orthodontics. Dr. Maria Yazji and her expert team of Invisalign practitioners have had years of experience in helping correct smiles through the use of this revolutionary treatment. Dr. Yazji has even received the recognition that her practice is an Invisalign Super Elite Premier Provider, which places Dr. Yazji and her team within the top 1% of Invisalign providers in the United States.

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So how does Invisalign treatment usually work? Upon an initial screening and assessment of your current teeth alignment, we will create a series of customized clear aligners. Each aligner will be worn for about two weeks, and then as your teeth shift into better alignment you will progress to the next aligner. This process makes straightening teeth extremely efficient, and patients do not need to rely on making an appointment to manually make adjustments, such as the method in which traditional metal braces work.

Invisalign benefits go far beyond just a cosmetic procedure. Having a straight and aligned smile allows for better cleaning that can prevent many future dental problems, such as gum disease. In addition, if teeth are not properly aligned, decay and deterioration can result in teeth. By investing in Invisalign braces, you are investing in yourself and for a healthy future.

The convenience and efficiency of Invisalign make this treatment extremely sought after. With traditional braces, the treatment could take years before results are seen, and involve many appointments for adjustments. However, with Invisalign, patients can simply switch to their subsequent filler, with no painful adjustments needing to take place. Additionally, traditional metal braces limit the types of food that can be enjoyed in order to not get stuck and damage the brackets. Since Invisalign can be easily removed while eating, you can be free to still include all your favorite foods in your diet.

Give yourself the bright future you deserve and contact Dr. Yazji and her team today at (954) 217-3737 to set up a consultation. You’ll thank yourself once you see your beautiful results, and now with Invisalign, these results can be achieved much easier.

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