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Early Orthodontic Treatment in Aventura Promotes Beautiful Smiles

Early Orthodontic treatment is primarily used to prevent and correct the use and appearance of a child’s teeth.  Crooked teeth are caused by several issues; some genetic and others resulting from the early loss of baby teeth, thumb sucking, or other developmental problems.  Aventura residents can call Dr. Yazji Orthodontics Monday – Friday to make an appointment to discuss their child’s dental and orthodontic health and to address any issues with a plan of action. Early Orthodontic Treatment in Aventura!

Sometimes, a problem is present at birth, caused by a crooked jaw or other bone deformities.  Many times, problems will surface in early childhood as a child starts to eat or begins to talk.

Parents should make a dental appointment when children are young if they suspect their child may have issues with their teeth.  Dental concerns such as crooked teeth and bite problems can often be easily corrected when treated early.  Crooked teeth can also make proper oral care more difficult. Straighter teeth can minimize the risk of tooth decay because it is easier to keep straight teeth clean.

Having an unappealing smile can also cause children to feel self-conscious about their smiles. Therefore, improving orthodontic troubles early can offer a big boost in self-esteem for young children. Parents are encouraged to make an appointment at Dr. Maria Yazji Orthodontics to get more information about early orthodontic treatment in Aventura so that their children can feel proud of their smiles.

Early orthodontic treatment can dramatically increase the chances of proper jaw growth and properly aligned and spaced adult teeth. Some dental appliances are fixed and others are removable, depending on the needs of correction. As the child ages, the process of straightening misaligned permanent teeth can become more complicated. The older the patient, the less pliable the soft and hard tissues may be to move, which may add to the overall treatment time.  Dr. Yazji can explain all of the treatment options and outcomes with parents and their children and address their questions and concerns.  It is recommended that children should have an orthodontic assessment between the ages of 5 to 8 to look for any potential orthodontic problems before they occur.

Dr. Maria Yazji has offices in three convenient South Florida locations.  Please visit her website or call to make an appointment to discuss early orthodontic treatment in Aventura.


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