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Invisalign Braces for Teens in 33317

Invisalign Braces for Teens in 33317

You’re only a teenager for less than a decade – from age thirteen to nineteen. But if you’re like many teens in South Florida, you may spend at least a few of these years in braces. Choosing the right type of braces for your orthodontic needs, and the best orthodontist in 33317 for your treatment, is definitely important. You can find both the right treatment for you and the best orthodontist in 33317 at the offices of Dr. Maria Yazji Orthodontics.

Braces obviously change the way your smile looks once you’re done with your orthodontic treatment in Plantation, Florida, but braces also temporarily change the way your smile looks for the time you’re wearing them. And if silver metal braces aren’t the look you want for your smile, there’s another way to safely and effectively straighten your teeth and close gaps in your smile: Invisalign braces for teens from Dr. Maria Yazji Orthodontics. Invisalign braces are becoming more and more popular among teenage patients who want to get straight teeth without the look of traditional braces.

Clear Aligners in a Case

At Dr. Maria Yazji Orthodontics, we understand that our teenage patients have special concerns and unique needs, and that’s why we offer Invisalign Teen treatment in 33317. When you have Invisalign braces for teens in Plantation from Dr. Maria Yazji Orthodontics, you can:

  • Keep the natural look of your smile – while getting straight teeth. Your smile is already great – it’s uniquely yours – Invisalign treatment just makes it even better! Your smile can show through your clear Invisalign aligners as your teeth gradually straighten. You can go to school, activities, events, without the look of metal braces. You can smile wide for selfies, school pictures, and photos with your friends without brackets, wires, and elastic bands on your teeth. Clear Invisalign teen aligners from the best Invisalign dentist in 33317, Dr. Maria Yazji, let you keep your natural smile throughout your orthodontic treatment in Plantation.
  • Eat your favorite foods without worry – With Invisalign, you won’t have to cut certain foods out of your diet or stop enjoying crunchy or chewy snacks, because Invisalign aligners can be removed at mealtimes and when it’s time for a snack each day. You can eat what you want without worrying about the dislodged brackets or popped-out wires that chewy, sticky, or hard foods can cause with traditional braces. You’ll be able to remove your Invisalign aligners in 33317 to eat comfortably at home or school (just make sure you don’t leave your aligners on your lunch tray!)
  • Clean your teeth properly – Old age may seem far away now, but you’ll want to keep your teeth for a long time. Dental hygiene is important at every age and stage of life, including when you wear braces. You want to do what you can to avoid cavities and future tooth and gum issues. While brushing and flossing can be a little more complicated with traditional braces, it’s as easy as it ever was with Invisalign in 33317, since you can take out your aligners to clean your teeth too! You can brush thoroughly and floss easily, then pop your aligners back in to wear overnight.


At Dr. Maria Yazji Orthodontics, we have helped patients across South Florida get great smiles – take a look at our before-and-after smile gallery to see some of the results of Invisalign and Invisalign Teen treatment at our offices. To make an appointment for an Invisalign Teen consultation with Dr. Maria Yazji, contact us at the office location that’s best for you. Get a great, straight smile with Invisalign for teens in 33317 from Dr. Maria Yazji Orthodontics.

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