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Is Invisalign Right for Me?

Are you looking to enhance your smile? If you live near West Hollywood, Florida, and have any of the following conditions, Invisalign Clear Braces in West Hollywood, Fl may be right for you:

  • Crowded Teeth – When you don’t have enough room for your teeth, some of them can be forced either to the front or the back, overlapping and even twisting your teeth. This makes it harder to brush and floss between your teeth, tartar and plaque removal becomes very difficult, and this can cause tooth decay and gum disease later in life.
  • Crooked Teeth – Invisalign for crooked teeth works very well, gently moving your teeth where they need to be and enhancing your smile. Invisalign has been proven to be 50% faster than regular braces.
  • Gap Teeth – Spacing issues between your teeth can make pockets between your teeth and gums and cause food to be stuck in those pockets. This not only makes your gums sore, but it can also cause gum disease.
  • Overbite – Almost everyone’s front teeth overlap their bottom teeth a little bit, but when the overlap gets bigger, it puts pressure on your jaw. This can cause your teeth to wear down and can even cause severe pain in your jaw.
  • Underbite – When your top teeth rest inside your bottom teeth, you have an underbite and this often causes your teeth to wear down more quickly and makes chewing and even speaking clearly more difficult.
  • Crossbite – If some of your top teeth rest inside your lower teeth when you close your mouth, this is a crossbite. It can cause you to chip your teeth and make your gums recede. This can cause painful gum problems.
  • Open Bite – This is when your upper and lower teeth don’t touch when you close your mouth and cause difficulty chewing or biting into foods.


Invisalign braces in West Hollywood, Florida

Invisalign braces can clear up all these conditions, and they can do it without using the metal brackets and wires of traditional braces. Your smile will be bright and new in what seems like no time at all, and your braces are so discreet that many will not even realize that you are receiving treatment to enhance your smile. Invisalign Clear Braces in West Hollywood!

And if you are worried about Invisalign cost, many insurance companies cover Invisalign braces in West Hollywood, Florida just as they would traditional braces. You can also use your Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or Health Savings Account (HSA) toward the cost of your Invisalign treatment.

Invisalign Clear Braces in West Hollywood

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If you are ready for your Invisalign in West Hollywood, Florida, contact Dr. Maria Yazji Orthodontics in West Hollywood, Florida to schedule an appointment at (954) 217-3737 or visit their website for more information.

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