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Miami Lakes’ Residents Check Braces off their Bucket List!

The infamous bucket list is that go-to list in life containing an individual’s dreams. Of course, the lists vary significantly for each person and are usually comprised of travel destinations, crazy fun, and adventure. However, often a bucket list includes personal health and beauty goals including weight loss, exercise, and beauty undertakings. Might improving your smile be on your life’s bucket list? Tired of your crooked or misaligned teeth or that gap that developed after your wisdom teeth were removed? Live the dream of a beautiful and healthy smile with a new and discreet orthodontic treatment option called Incognito Lingual Braces.

Incognito Braces Provider in Miami Lakes

In your search for Incognito Customized Lingual Braces in Miami Lakes, look no further than Dr. Maria Yazji Orthodontics!  If you can be treated with conventional braces, it is likely you can be treated with Incognito Hidden Braces. No one will even know that you’re wearing braces and there is minimal discomfort and speech interference.  The lingual braces are the only 100% customized invisible fixed orthodontic appliance system on the market today! You’ll smile with confidence during and after your treatment from Miami Lakes’ Foremost Incognito Provider!

Recognized as a Center for Excellence” Incognito braces provider in Miami Lakes, Dr. Maria Yazji Orthodontics provides her in-depth expertise with Incognito Hidden Braces from 3M.  You can change your smile in an almost invisible way!  Unless you tell family and friends, no one will ever know that you are wearing braces! The word lingual refers to the tooth surface next to your tongue, and that’s where Incognito Hidden Braces are placed.

Patients that generally benefit from lingual braces have crowded teeth, underbites, and overbites, crossbites, gaps between teeth, or rotated teeth. A critically important facet of orthodontic care, in addition to the focus on the appearance of your smile, is correcting your bite. Biting, chewing, and speaking are improved when teeth and jaws are in full alignment. Orthodontics is also an effective approach often used with TMJ disorder. If your TMJ is caused by misalignment or bite problems, braces can be used to move your teeth back into their proper position.

Incognito Braces Provider in Miami Lakes

Incognito Customized Lingual Braces

Hidden Braces

As Miami Lakes’ #1 Provider of Incognito Lingual Braces, Dr. Maria Yazji Orthodontics completely customizes the hidden braces to fit the shape of your teeth perfectly. Each bracket is manufactured for each individual patient so your appliance is customized specifically for you!  As Miami Lakes’ Foremost Incognito Provider, Dr. Maria Yazji uses state-of-the-art iTero digital impressions that create images of your teeth that are sent directly to our computer and thus ensure complete accuracy as well as your comfort with customized braces!

It’s time to check a big item off your bucket list!  Why wait?  Now’s the time to call for your initial consultation, otherwise, the longer you wait, the longer till you have the smile and alignment you’ve always dreamed of! Please give us a call at (786) 558-5688 or visit our website, and we’ll help you get started by arranging a convenient consultation with Dr. Yazji.

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