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Scott’s Story: How Invisalign® in Downtown Miami Helped Me Get Promoted

Scott’s Story: How Invisalign® in Downtown Miami Helped Me Get Promoted

When I first started college, I knew that I wanted to be an architect. There was just one thing standing in my way – my smile. During presentations, I found myself getting so nervous because I wasn’t happy with how I looked. I felt like every time people watched me, they judged my appearance and thought about how crooked my teeth were. Thankfully, after a few months of research, I decided to try Invisalign® in Downtown Miami. Within a year of using Invisalign® braces, not only had my smile improved, but my boss promoted me at work!

The Initial Consultation

The first step of the process was to schedule an initial consultation with an Invisalign® provider in Downtown Miami. I was so nervous, but Dr. Yazji’s office staff made me feel right at ease. They explained the entire process to me and showed me before-and-after pictures of other patients who had used Invisalign®.

After seeing the amazing results that other people had achieved, I decided to give Invisalign® a try. Once I explained to Dr. Yazji that I wanted Invisalign® to improve my smile, she put together a personalized treatment plan for my smile goals.

The Treatment Process

The next step was to begin the treatment process. Dr. Yazji took 3D scans of my smile and digitally prepared my treatment plan using the latest technology. I was so excited to start my orthodontic treatment finally.

Within a few weeks, I received my first set of Invisalign® aligners. The treatment process was straightforward, and I loved seeing my progress each week. I could even keep track of my Invisalign journey in my Dental Monitoring app. Through this app I was able to communicate with my orthodontist and send her updates and questions. Dr. Yazji would notify me thru my phone if I could move to the next set of aligners or not. I didn’t have to go on a monthly basis. It was very convenient for my busy schedule.

Although it was an adjustment initially, I quickly acclimated to wearing my aligners. I loved that I could take them out to eat and brush my teeth. And the best part? People couldn’t even tell that I was wearing them!

The Results

After about a year of treatment, I finally achieved the smile of my dreams. Not only did Invisalign® in Downtown Miami help improve my appearance, but it also boosted my confidence. I felt like a new person, and I finally reached my full potential at work.

Now, I smile all the time, and I am so happy that I decided to try Invisalign®. If you pursue orthodontic treatment, I highly recommend giving Invisalign® treatment by Dr. Maria Yazji a try. It changed my life for the best, and I know it can do the same for you!

I am so grateful that I decided to try Invisalign® at Dr. Yazji Orthodontics in downtown Miami, and I would highly recommend it to anyone considering orthodontics. If you are looking for a fantastic Invisalign® treatment provider, I recommend Dr. Yazji. Not only is she highly experienced with Invisalign®, but she is also a top 1% Diamond Invisalign® provider nationwide. She has the experience and expertise to help you get a smile love.


If you are considering orthodontic treatment, I would highly recommend giving Invisalign® a try. It changed my life for the better, and I know it can do the same for you!

Schedule a consultation with Dr. Yazji to see if Invisalign® in Downtown Miami is the right treatment option for you.

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