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Invisalign® Treatment in Miami: How Raymond Got His Best Smile Yet!

Invisalign Braces for Adults in 33324

What are the things you do for self-improvement on the Plantation? Maybe you’re taking a cooking class or brushing up on your foreign language skills. Maybe you’re going back to school or going for a promotion in the new year. While you’re setting goals for yourself and doing the things you’ve been meaning to this coming year, don’t forget about your smile! If you’ve wanted to correct crooked teeth or close gaps in your grin, doing so is easier than ever before with Invisalign braces for adults in 33324 from Dr. Maria Yazji Orthodontics.

Invisalign braces are an increasingly popular type of orthodontic treatment among patients in South Florida. Instead of traditional braces — which use metal brackets, wires, and elastics to straighten teeth –, Invisalign treatment uses clear, comfortable plastic aligners to move your teeth into their ideal placement. Invisalign braces for adults from Dr. Maria Yazji Orthodontics are one of the best ways for adults on Plantation to get straight, great-looking smiles.

Why are straight teeth healthier teeth?

Most people will agree that straight teeth look better than crooked, crowded teeth. But there are more benefits to straightening teeth than just improving the look of your smile. Crooked teeth and other bite issues from malocclusion can create problems in your mouth such as:

  • Crooked teeth put pressure on surrounding teeth
  • Crowded teeth are harder to clean completely
  • Tooth alignment and bite issues can cause trouble with chewing and speaking
  • Tooth alignment issues can cause, headaches, jaw pain, and more

Crooked teeth, poor dental alignment, and bite issues can lead to tooth damage, excessive wear on your teeth, and even tooth loss. By straightening your teeth in 33324 at the offices of Dr. Maria Yazji Orthodontics, you can invest in not only the look but the future health of your smile.

Why Invisalign?

Invisalign treatment in Plantation from Dr. Maria Yazji, DDS is a great orthodontic treatment option if you don’t want to wear traditional metal braces and want braces that are barely visible, convenient, and custom-made for your teeth. Invisalign aligners are clear and let you keep a natural-looking smile as you straighten your teeth. As an Invisalign adult patient at Dr. Maria Yazji Orthodontics, you’ll be given several sets of Invisalign aligners. You’ll typically wear your first set of aligners for several weeks and then, after your experienced Invisalign orthodontist in 33324 gives you the go-ahead, you’ll move on to the next set. Invisalign aligners should be worn for a minimum of 22 hours each day but can be conveniently removed to eat, brush, and floss.

Invisalign Braces for Adults in 33324

Invisalign Braces

At Dr. Maria Yazji Orthodontics, we help South Florida patients of all ages get their best smiles through the treatment options that are right for them. To find out if Invisalign is the best way to straighten your teeth as an adult in Plantation, schedule an appointment at one of our three office locations. Come to the best Invisalign orthodontist in 33324, Dr. Maria Yazji, DDS, to get started on your new smile!

Incognito Lingual Braces

Miami is Going Incognito with Hidden Braces

Twenty years ago, the only real choice for orthodontic patients was traditional metal braces with wires and small brackets.  Needless to say, adults were not too keen on that “youthful” metal look!  Fast forward into the 21st century and the choices available to adult patients today are much more innovative including treatment options that can be almost imperceptible. As a result, approximately 27% of orthodontic patients are adults according to the American Association of Orthodontists’ “Economics of Orthodontics” survey of 2014.  A study by Wakefield researchers found that people generally equate social and professional success with an attractive smile.

Hidden Braces in Miami

One of the more discreet treatment options available for patients today is Incognito Lingual Braces and Dr. Maria Yazji Orthodontics has been recognized as a “Center for Excellence” Incognito braces provider in Miami. Incognito Hidden Braces from 3M provides an innovative and almost invisible way to change your smile. Unless you tell them, no one will ever know you are wearing braces! The word lingual refers to the tooth surface next to your tongue, and that’s where Incognito Hidden Braces are placed.

Miami’s premier orthodontist, Dr. Maria Yazji Orthodontics, offers lingual braces to patients ranging in age from teens to senior citizens. As Miami’s #1 Provider of Incognito Lingual Braces, Dr. Maria Yazji Orthodontics completely customizes the hidden braces to fit the shape of your teeth perfectly. Each bracket is manufactured for each individual patient so your appliance is customized specifically for you!  Generally, lingual braces can be used to correct problems such as crowded teeth, underbites and overbites, crossbites, gaps between teeth, and rotated teeth. There is much more to orthodontic care than meets the eye! Correcting the patient’s bite is a critically important aspect of orthodontic care in addition to the focus on the appearance of a person’s smile. When teeth and jaws are in alignment, it means function (biting, chewing, speaking) is improved, too – a dual treatment benefit!


Hidden Braces in Miami

Incognito Braces

In your search for Customized Lingual Braces in Miami, look no further than Dr. Maria Yazji Orthodontics!  If you can be treated with conventional braces, it is likely you can be treated with Incognito Hidden Braces. No one will know that you’re wearing braces and there is minimal discomfort and speech interference.  The lingual braces are the only 100% customized invisible fixed orthodontic appliance system on the market today! You’ll smile with confidence during and after your treatment from Miami’s Foremost Incognito Provider!

Please give us a call at (786) 558-5688, and we’ll help you get started by arranging a convenient consultation with Dr. Yazji at our Weston, Brickell, or Miami office.