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Is your teen ready for invisalign

Clear Braces for Adults in Miami South Beach

There are things you can do to make yourself look better in South Beach, and there are things you can do for better overall health, too. There’s one thing you can do to improve both your appearance and your health this year – fix your smile. Getting clear braces in Miami and South Beach from Dr. Maria Yazji Orthodontics makes getting a healthy and beautiful smile easier than ever. Learn more about Clear Braces for Adults in Miami!

Clear Braces for Adults in Miami

If you have crooked, crowded teeth or other dental issues, you may not feel very confident about the way you look. And with crooked teeth or excessive gaps between your teeth, not only will you feel less confident about your smile, your teeth problems may be negatively affecting your oral health and overall wellness. Misaligned teeth are harder to keep fully clean and may put unnecessary pressure on surrounding teeth – which can lead to tooth damage and even tooth loss. Poor dental health can lead to poor overall health. There’s no reason not to take care of your smile, and for many people in Miami, that includes straightening their teeth with clear Invisalign braces for adults in South Beach.

At the offices of Dr. Maria Yazji Orthodontics, you can get the orthodontic treatment you need with clear Invisalign braces for adults or another one of the great services we provide our South Florida patients. As an Invisalign Diamond Provider, Dr. Yazji is the best Invisalign Orthodontist in Miami and South Beach. At Dr. Maria Yazji Orthodontics, you can get Invisalign braces that are:

Braces in Miami

*More natural-looking than metal braces – Since Invisalign aligners are completely clear, your smile will still look like your smile as it straightens and improves. No metal brackets and wires are required for Invisalign braces, just smooth, thin plastic aligners. You won’t have to worry about metal braces cutting up the inside of your mouth, and won’t need to have brackets attached to your teeth during your orthodontic treatment in South Beach and Miami.

*Made to fit your teeth — Invisalign braces for adults in South Beach from Dr. Maria Yazji Orthodontics are made to fit your unique bite and correct your individual orthodontic issues. As an adult Invisalign patient at Dr. Maria Yazji Orthodontics in Miami, you’ll be given a series of custom-made aligners that will move your teeth into their ideal place in your mouth.

*More convenient than traditional braces too – Clear Invisalign braces, unlike traditional braces, are fully removable. Since you can take them out when you need to (for short periods of time each day), these clear braces in South Beach and Miami make eating, drinking, brushing, and flossing much easier. You can also attend celebrations and special events in Miami without braces, then put them back in afterward.

Clear Braces for Adults in Miami South Beach

Invisalign Braces

Patients of all ages in South Beach and Miami can get great-looking, healthy, happy smiles when they fix their teeth with clear Invisalign braces. To find out if Invisalign braces can get you the smile you want, make an appointment for an Invisalign consultation with Dr. Yazji, DDS. Clear braces for adults from Dr. Maria Yazji Orthodontics can help you get a straight smile in South Beach.


The Best Things You Can Do for Your Smile

Your smile is unlike anyone else’s and stays with you throughout your life. From childhood through old age, there are things you can do to keep your teeth looking and functioning their best. At Dr. Maria Yazji Orthodontics, we like to remind our South Florida patients of all ages of things they can do to get and keep a healthy smile. Learn more about Fix My Teeth in Miami!

Fix My Teeth in Miami

No matter what your age is, good dental hygiene is a must. Sticking to a brushing and flossing schedule keeps your teeth clean, free of plaque and tartar, and reduces your chances of developing tooth decay and gum disease. When you clean your teeth, you should:

  • Brush two times a day
  • Brush for two full minutes
  • Use a toothpaste that contains fluoride
  • Floss once a day

as recommended by the American Dental Association (ADA). Tooth decay is caused by bacteria that eat away at the enamel (the protective surface layer) of your teeth. When you don’t clean away the bacteria on your teeth, or brush away sticky and sugary food residue that it feeds on, cavities can develop in your teeth. A small cavity can eventually go deeper and deeper into a tooth and cause pain, an abscess, or even loss of the tooth. A mouth that’s full of dental decay can require root canals, crowns, bridges, and other dental work. Brushing and flossing your teeth, however, can help keep tooth decay at bay, and keep your smile bright and healthy.

Keeping your teeth clean isn’t the only thing you can do for a healthy smile. Making sure your teeth are properly aligned also has benefits for your smile, including:

  • Improved appearance
  • Improved bite
  • Reduction on pressure on teeth from crowding
  • Teeth that are easier to keep clean

Crooked teeth may make you self-conscious, but they can do more than that. Crowded teeth can cause damage to surrounding teeth and make it hard for you to clean the entire surface of each of your teeth. A misaligned bite can cause you to have trouble with biting and chewing and can cause jaw pain, headaches, and other uncomfortable problems. At Dr. Maria Yazji Orthodontics, we know that a straight smile is a healthier smile – straightening your smile with braces and maintaining a good oral care routine can improve the look and function of your teeth.

Great Smile!

At our offices in Miami, Brickell, and Weston, we help patients get straight teeth through our many treatment options. One of these options uses advanced orthodontic technology to create customized braces for each patient – Insignia Advanced Smile Design at Dr. Maria Yazji Orthodontics. With Insignia braces, you can have comfortable and precise orthodontic treatment. Because Insignia Smile Design braces are customized, Insignia patients of Dr. Maria Yazji, DDS may need fewer office visits and finish their treatment sooner than they would with traditional braces. If you’re looking for braces in South Florida, make an appointment for an Insignia Advanced Smile Design with Dr. Yazji and get a straight smile you can keep healthy.

Crowns and veneers are both possible solutions for creating your dream smile

Dental Care Tips for Every Stage of Life

At different times in your life, you may need specific dental treatment or may have specific dental concerns. At Dr. Maria Yazji Orthodontics, we help South Florida patients of all ages get their best smiles. Aside from regular dental hygiene recommended for everyone by the ADA — brushing twice a day for two minutes and cleaning between teeth once a day — let’s look at some other times you may need to take extra measures to keep your smile healthy and looking its best. Learn More about Dental Care Tips for Every Stage of Life!

American Dental Association (ADA)

If you play a sport in school, for fun, or professionally, your teeth may be at risk. Contact sports can cause damage to your face and mouth, and any sport that may result in a fall or a hit to the mouth can potentially cause tooth damage or tooth loss. To prevent damaging your teeth while playing sports in South Florida, the American Dental Association (ADA) recommends wearing a mouthguard to protect your teeth.

If you’re pregnant and experiencing morning sickness, the ADA recommends “rinsing with a teaspoon of baking soda mixed with water” in order to prevent stomach acid from eroding your tooth enamel. In addition to keeping up with brushing and flossing, and seeing your dentist for regular checkups and cleanings to prevent plaque buildup in your mouth, protecting your teeth from acid can help you prevent tooth decay and inflammation and stay healthy.

If you have crooked teeth or gaps between your teeth, at any age, this can be a concern. Many patients with crooked, crowded teeth don’t like the look of their smile, but crooked teeth and other orthodontic issues can cause problems with speech, biting, chewing, and can lead to headaches, jaw pain, and may even lead to tooth damage or tooth loss. You can correct these issues, however, through the use of braces. The ADA says: “Braces can help improve your smile and make your teeth straighter.”

Dr. Maria Yazji Orthodontics

At Dr. Maria Yazji Orthodontics, we offer a variety of treatment options for children, teens, and adult patients in the Miami area and across South Florida who wants straight smiles. Insignia Advanced Smile Design braces are the latest advancement in orthodontics and are available to patients at the offices of Dr. Maria Yazji. Insignia braces are custom-made to fit each patient’s needs, and the customized brackets and wires result in braces that are more precise and more comfortable than traditional braces, and treatment is usually shorter with Insignia Advanced Smile Design braces too.

Dental Care Tips for Every Stage of Life

Insignia Advanced Smile Design

If you want to fix your smile, make an appointment for a consultation at our office in Miami, Brickell, or Weston. Dr. Yazji will help you determine the treatment option that is best for you. Get a straight smile in Miami with Insignia Advanced Smile Design braces or another great treatment option from Dr. Maria Yazji Orthodontics. Dental Care Tips for Every Stage of Life.