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The Best Invisalign Treatment Provider for Pembroke Pines Residents

Best Invisalign Treatment Provider: Between the practicality and length of treatment, the idea of visiting an orthodontist to achieve the perfect smile can scare some people. However, at Dr. Maria Yazji Orthodontics, we recognize that this does not have to be the case for our patients. We offer cutting-edge treatments, such as Invisalign, that can correct teeth in a more efficient, less painful, and easier way than other treatment providers.

Invisalign is a great option for residents of Pembroke Pines who have always wanted to achieve their perfect smile but are hesitant to undergo the traditional braces experience. While metal braces involve brackets that can sometimes require painful adjustments and dietary restrictions, Invisalign is hardly visible when worn, can be taken out for eating, and consists of a more efficient treatment plan.

Invisalign consists of clear and flexible fillers, that mimic the look of a mouthguard. Just as they can be taken out for eating, Invisalign is just as easy and comfortable to insert back into your mouth. Because of this, you can say goodbye to frustrating brushing to get a thorough clean around the brackets. With Invisalign, you can enjoy the benefits of directly brushing your teeth, which can ensure a healthier and whiter smile.

Treatment plans involve of a series of aligners that gradually adjust to your mouth as your alignment progresses. Most aligners are worn for about two weeks before gaining approval to switch to your next aligner stage. Invisalign aligners are highly recommended to be worn at least 22 hours a day in order to ensure results in a timely manner.

Another great benefit of using Invisalign, specifically at Dr. Yazji Orthodontics, is that appointments consist primarily of monitoring the progression of your treatment, and do not require the same painful and timely adjustments of traditional braces. Dr. Maria Yazji is committed to staying up to date with the latest technology to offer her patients the absolute best experience. Because of this, Dr. Yazji Orthodontics now offers virtual appointments through the Dental Monitoring App. With this app, patients can have direct communication with Dr. Yazji and her team throughout their treatment process. This app makes the Invisalign treatment even more efficient because now patients can gain approval for progressing to their next aligner from the comfort of their own home, saving the time of having to come in for an appointment.

You deserve to have a smile that showcases the bright person you are on the inside to the outside world. At Yazji Orthodontics we want to provide you with the best Invisalign treatment available, and we are committed to making sure your experience with us is positive from our first interaction. Call us today at (954) 217-3737 to set up your consultation towards achieving your perfect smile.

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