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Weston Early Orthodontic Treatment: Bright Smiles for a Bright Future

Weston Early Orthodontic Treatment: There is a common misconception in today’s society that children do not need to begin their orthodontic consultations until high school, and that simply is not the case! Here at Dr. Yazji Orthodontics we recognize how getting a jumpstart on early orthodontic treatment can benefit children in the long run. Every child deserves a smile they can be proud of and be able to burst with confidence. To best prepare your child for a healthy smile that lasts a lifetime, early dental monitoring is key.

There is an ideal window of time for early orthodontic planning to take place for children who are in the transitional stages between their baby and permanent teeth. As soon as orthodontic problems are suspected, your child should promptly come in for a visit with us. Even at the age of 7, children are already in the process of developing their permanent teeth; it is imperative to begin developing a plan to prevent future issues. When children wait until they are older to begin their orthodontic consultations, they run the risk of developing crossbites, crowding, and alignment issues which could have been prevented throughout early orthodontic treatment.

Weston residents have the advantage of having Dr. Yazji and her team close by, who are eager to begin creating early orthodontic treatment plans for children. Early treatment plans consist of two main phases. The first phase of treatment consists of analyzing the current teeth formation and taking the necessary steps to help prepare the mouth and jaw to be in optimal positioning when permanent teeth begin to form. Monitoring a dental bite from as early as possible allows for Dr. Yazji and her team to forecast future problems. In doing so, issues can be prevented before they can even arise. A large component of phase one involves creating a timeline for when to begin treatment for your child, given their current dental state. During this phase x-rays, dental models, and photographs are collected and analyzed to construct a unique and custom orthodontic plan for your child. In most cases, early orthodontic treatment begins when a jaw discrepancy is revealed, as this will directly affect the alignment of incoming permanent teeth. Developing a comprehensive dental record early on is great for tracking progress over time. Here at Yazji Orthodontics, we aim to allow time for your children’s teeth to develop naturally; phase one is primarily about preparing and monitoring your child’s dental plan and progress.

The second phase of treatment revolves around the development of permanent teeth once they begin their emergence. The conditions set during phase one are aiming to create an environment where each permanent tooth can grow in alignment with the jawline and other surrounding teeth. Creating conditions for a balanced smile from the beginning of treatment allows for a smooth transition into phase two. if deemed appropriate, your child’s customized treatment plan may include braces during phase two. At Yazji Orthodontics we value you and your child’s time spent with us, and we recommend scheduled visits every six months to continue monitoring throughout treatment.

Don’t wait to schedule your child for an early orthodontist consultation, call Yazji Orthodontics today at 954-217-3737 and we would be happy to schedule a meeting to discuss your child’s orthodontic treatment plan. Preparing your child now can help give them the smile they deserve as efficiently and effectively as possible.

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